Na Zdraví  is a phrase announced before drinking and translates to "to your good health".
The phase reminds me of red rooftops, bending streets, Vltava River, beer gardens, farmer's markets, late nights, and tram rides.

My memories of Prague are associated to the transitions of its urban fabric. View corridors within the city are winding, narrow, and vibrant. On the contrary, along the edges of River Vltava, the city begins to open up allowing the mind to rest. Gazing from the river, spires pepper the horizon. 
The periphery of Prague is sprawled with repeated remnants of occupation. The deviating inner and outer rings of Prague resemble the contrasting generations as they experience different snippets of Prague's timeline.   

Na Zdraví reminds me of the people I had the privilege of sharing time, space, and a drink with - both young and old. Na Zdraví  commences communal occasions. When you say it, you begin to take in conversation, you begin to take in the surrounding space, and you begin to feel integrated.
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